Goodbye Kitty

"Goodbye Kitty" was a webcomic which I published from 2009 to 2010. In that time, I posted over 600 individual strips and amassed about 1000 subscribers through the comic site and Facebook companion page. For obvious reasons, this creation never passed the quirky webcomic phase; a less marketable, more litigious concept has probably never been created. But the strip allowed me to work hard on storytelling, style, design aspects, technology and website use, and my ability to set and meet deadlines.

The entire GBK archive is still viewable at

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  • "Goodbye Kitty" #534
  • "Goodbye Kitty" #349
  • "Goodbye Kitty" #171
  • "Goodbye Kitty" promo art
  • "Goodbye Kitty" #616, the final regular installment
  • "Goodbye Kitty" #478
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