About Aaron Parrott

I was born in 1972. In early 1973 I managed to hold a pencil for the first time, and it all went downhill from there.

I have been drawing, designing, and illustrating for most of my adult life, to include the somewhat successful webcomic "Goodbye Kitty", which despite being blatantly unmarketable (something about copyright law and ninja lawyers), managed to collect over a thousand subscribers and mentions in nationally syndicated publications in two-and-a-half-years of publication. (You can still see the comic archive at http://gbk-sayonara.thecomicseries.com/.)

In addition to design work for musicians, authors, and businesses worldwide, I illustrate books. My latest project is a children's book with Kari Martindale, The Day Flash Couldn't Even, in which a dog can't catch a break over the course of a not-very-good day. 

I live in central Washington state, where I have a home, a respectable day job, a wife, and a dog who thinks she's people.

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